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I work with clients to accomplish their goals in career development, career transition, and career management. I help clients to identify their objectives, explore options, eliminate blocks, and execute actionable steps to create the desired next career step.

I customize my approach, leveraging knowledge gained from working with over 2000 clients in professional to executive roles in technology, financial services, design, and biotech sectors. 

I am known as a caring coach who is “all in” in helping clients move forward, balancing compassion with solid understanding of successful performance in business environments.

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Find Clarity

Are you are at a career or life juncture  and wondering what is the right next step for you? 

In the Career Exploration service, you'll work through a series of assessments to identify values, interests, transferable skills, and personality type preferences.  From these assessments and our coaching discussions, you'll gain a deeper understanding of what motivates you, why you've taken the career path to date, and identify new options to research.


Get Moving

Struggling with your resume?

Trying to position for a career advance or a pivot?

Are you getting recruiter contacts from the wrong kinds of roles based on your LinkedIn profile?

In our coaching sessions, we'll discuss your career history and desired roles.  I'll help you develop a strong results-focused resume and LinkedIn profile that positions you for your target roles.

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Gain confidence

Does interviewing seem daunting?

In our work on Interviewing, you'll get a framework to answer common interview questions. You'll get practice in answering questions like "why are you leaving your current role? and why you want this role?" I'll help you shape a strong response to the "Tell me about yourself" question, that will set the tone for the interview. We'll problem-solve challenges: positioning for the right level, getting past the screening interviews, and handling salary questions. 



Get Unstuck

Are you facing a block in a career transition issue or in communication with others?
I offer coaching to help you shift perspectives and get results. I draw on frameworks from personality type theory (MBTI and Temperament), Hendricks' whole body learning, and the Co-Active coaching model.

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Work with an accountability partner

Returning to work after a family leave gap?

Wanting to start a consulting or coaching small business? 

Making a transition to retirement and want to explore options?

I have worked with clients in these and other areas. Let's talk to determine if I can assist.

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I asked a few ‘professionals’ to critique my new resume after I made the changes we talked about last night and got some terrific feedback.  You do good work!  Thank you for all your insight and biz-wiz - as I said, I would not have come up with such a cohesive, polished piece on my own.


The offer came just in time for Christmas!  They offered me $--- and I am simply over the moon with relief and gratitude for all your help this year. So much of this process is due directly to how you have guided me.  I can't wait to become an advocate for you in return among my own contacts.


Most helpful was the Career Exploration... Judy helped guide me away from things that I clearly indicated were not where I should be headed (at least not during this time period), and helped guide me towards a great deal more clarity than what I had when my position was eliminated after 25 years at my company.


Thank for all the excellent counseling, both direct job search, as well as related topics like presence, work/life balance, and just all -around quality of life info/help.


I appreciated Judy's energy, clarity, understanding of my MBTI "type" and her ability to "deliver" to my type. She really pulled me out of my hole and got me thinking forward and with some excitement.



Interested in learning more? Contact me to schedule a 30 minute complimentary session. I can meet virtually or by phone.

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San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

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“The goal in life is
not to attain some imaginary ideal;
it is to find and fully use our own gifts.”

Gay Hendricks, 

The Big Leap, Conquer Your Hidden Fear

and Take Life to the Next Level 

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